Chandlery in Malta – shipyards

Malta is well known for its hospitable climate and excellent shipyards. Right next to Valletta one can find the Manoel Island Yacht Yard, which is part of the local town, il-Gżira, and its popular tourist area the Strand. Manoel Island has not only been a film-site for famous productions like Game of Thrones, but is also heralded as one of the best yacht yards in the Mediterranean. Modern facilities prove to serve well even the largest Super yachts like Prince Abdulaziz, Pelorus and Metsuyan IV. Many charter yachts are kept in the shipyard giving interesting options for clients and charter brokers in Malta. Thus Manoel Island also provides modern facilities for yacht refitting, including hull works, superstructure repairs and repainting and other refurbishments. Yacht maintenance includes cleaning, blasting and engineering services. The Manoel Island marina can hold ships up to 80 meter waterline length. Malta has experienced workforce that includes many professionals like shipwrights and engineers. Yachts and ships visiting many Maltese ports and marinas have also special needs for new supplies, therefore ship chandlers are in demand on the island for this flourishing market. Local organization for ship chandlers is the Malta Ship Suppliers Associations, which is a member of the I.S.S.A. and the European Ship Suppliers Organization OCEAN  and is headquartered in Birkirkara.

Yacht Chandlers

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Malta is the home port for hundreds of yachts and this creates thriving business opportunity for yacht chandlers. Shipowners and captains can find premium quality for ship supplies from the local chandleries. Marine supplies for yachts are provided with professional ease and efficiency. Perishable goods include gourmet foods and other exquisite aliments that are required to cater special needs of yachts. Also other equipment, parts and store are easily obtained from the ship supplier’s warehouse which contains even thousands of maritime items. Orders are delivered on time for the highest customer satisfaction. Yachting industry in Malta is matured by decades of experience and thus even the most demanding specials orders for yacht supplies are handled with no hesitation.

Marine Chandlery

For Marine Chandlery Maltese ship supply firms have a wide range of relationships for procurement of all goods from bonded store to the finest liquors and cigars. For this purpose, Marine Store guide is used to follow the industry standards. Marine Store Guide is an extensive catalog containing over 42 thousand products. This guidebook is published by the IMPA, which stands for International Marine Purchasing Association. Many, if not most Maltese ship suppliers are members of IMPA. The organization was founded in 1978 and has its main offices close to London, UK.

Ship chandling business

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Ship Chandling is responsible for offering a marketplace for marine supplies and sailboat equipment. Common items include apparel suited for marine environment for professionals and recreational yachtsman. World Trade is dominated by shipping industry as it remains the main form of transportation to deliver insurmountable amount of goods and wares for other means of travel. Large commercial vessels require scheduled inspections for safety measures and this is one the the many services professional ship suppliers can provide. Ship chandler producers help to maintain the tankers and container ship traveling the vast expanses of the world seas.