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Malta hosts a wide array of local companies specializing in serving the maritime industry. On the forefront are Maltese ship suppliers, which include companies such as the NIC. Malta is an important port of call in the middle of the Mediterranean Seas and thus ship supply plays an important role in catering the needs of any larger commercial vessel. Local companies are well-known and the likes of Pantheon Ship Supplies held in high regard for their ability of fast turnaround of orders. Every company have their own special niche of excellent service and therefore the Miggiani Offshore Ship Supply Services is best known from its offshore operations. For many loyal clients the ship supplier is better known as A & J Company.

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Valletta Port

Even if the market is competitive and holds many key players for this special industry, there is one all-rounder that beats the competition. Salvo Grima is a ship supply company that has very diversified catalog of services and thus the first point of contact when professional ship supply service is required. Other ship supply company worth mentioning is F.E. Sullivan, which offers also a wide range supplies and modern services such as storage facilities and forwarding agents. Palumbo Malta shipyard has facilities for refurbishing huge container ships and has important clients such as Maersk and collaborates with Thomas Smith.

For on-board electronics Malta has to offer the specialized TCC Industrial Technologies which represents RS Components with a catalog of over hundreds of thousands of products from batteries to lightning and measurement tools. ABB Turbocharging is the Maltese branch of the well known power technology company and the local service station for turbochargers serves all major shipping companies like CMA CGM.

Malta marine industry services

Malta is also a popular choice for flag registration. Malta is a part of European Union and thus vessels flying Maltese flag can enjoy the benefits and high esteem of this reputation. By popular we mean that Malta hosts overall sixth largest flag registry in the world. AML proves to be a reputable service for this purpose. Other marine services include Alldive, which area of expertise is commercial diving services. Services include emergency repairs and underwater welding. Ronasons Shipping Agency is maritime service company who matches international shipping vessels with professional local workforce but have also expanded their field of operations to include also bunker services. For shipping agents, Calpac Traders have a good reputation as they serve the industry with highest standards and offer also bunker broker services. Special ship supplier for catering foodstuffs is the Mafimex company. Client include some of the largest cruise ships and they specialize in fresh fruit and vegetable with wide options for variety. Maritime industry is important part of the local economy as it directly employs thousands of professionals in their field, be it diving, piloting or ship supply. From 1869 Malta has enjoyed its location as newly opened Suez Canal allowed cargo ships to cross from Mediterranean to Red Sea and finally to the Indian Sea, shortening the journey by weeks. Technological advancement has diminished the importance of Maltese ports as a fuel stations, but local ingenuity and expertise has allowed the industry to generate unbeatable value points for commercial and recreational vessels.