Ship Supplies Malta

Malta Yacht Marina

Ship supply logistics in Malta provide the shipping industry services that meet customer satisfaction in the highest level. Cargo ships and tankers of heavy tonnage are services with best goods and provisions with fast delivery times alongside quality guarantees. Malta ship supply warehouse has an inventory of thousands of maritime items for ship maintenance. Ship suppliers are responsible also for container management and goods procurement. Malta Freeport is a global port of call for many international shipping agencies and serves many famous brands with excellent service of logistics and delivery performance.


The origins of boat chandler profession are interesting as the term itself meant a room dedicated for candles and chandler denoting a maker or seller of candles. As soap is a by-product of candles, chandlers started soon to sell soap as well. Soon enough, chandleries became general stores selling everything in between. From beginning chandlers provided their wares to ships and sailors and soon these shops were known to be specialized to nautical and maritime items. At first the term ship-chandler were used to distinguish the two, but eventually all chandlers were known as places for ship supplies. They were also known as Chandler’s shops. Nowadays Chandlers are known as Ship suppliers and work in ship supply trade. Traditionally ship and boat suppliers provide all items needed for sailing ships. Common items were ropes, tools and different chemicals such as turpentine and resin for boat maintenance. Mobile sail ship chandlers were also important link in delivering perishable goods for distant and isolated locations.

Boat Chandlers

ship registration maltaBoat Chandlers in Malta come in all shapes and sizes. It’s more common today to provide many industrial-grade good for commercial ships. Most of the maritime traffic is comprised of vessels like container ships and oil tankers. Benefits of using a ship supplier are obvious both in anchor or in port. Quick access to Waterfront allows ship’s crew to obtain necessary goods, i.e. ship supplies,  from the chandler, who has procured all the wares under one roof from other merchants. Many ships have special orders and they require fast delivery before departing, thus ship suppliers have become experts in this regard. Nowadays Maltese chandler ships head out to the sea to meet large tankers and container ships for fresh provisions and other maintenance services. Modern times also dictate the need for safety equipment and also inspections for ships and boats.

Ship chandler association

issa logo international shipsuppliers & servicesTo organize and regulate the industry, Ship suppliers have formed many national, regional and international associations that safeguard the industry’s interests in world trade and shipping, but also provide rules and regulations. All Maltese ship supply companies are part of one or more ship chandler association. For the client this indicates a high standard for business conduct and promises prompt delivery for goods and transactions. Top level organization on this matter is the International Shipsuppliers and Services Association which is head-quartered in London, UK. ISSA represents over 2 thousand ship suppliers around the globe and it includes more than 40 regional associations.