Malta flag registry 

malta flag registry

Any incorporated entity or EU Citizen is eligible to register any type of ship in Malta. Malta is hugely popular choice, as it hold the biggest ship registry of Europe and 6th biggest in the world. Ships less than 10 years old benefit from registration discounts. Ships older than 10 years must pass an inspection before the commencement of the Malta Flag registry application process.

Requirements for registration:

Process for registration is simple. A ship is registered temporarily for 6 months under Malta flag for the application period in which time the registration will be completed. The Merchant Shipping Directorate, branch of Transport Malta, acts as the authority.

During this period, the applicant must file an application for registration and the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance – Part 1. The application may include also the name change for the ship.

Ownership must be declared for eligibility of the Malta flag registry. In case of a corporation, the legal documents of incorporation must be provided. EU citizens may use a valid passport for private registration.

Non-Maltese owners require a resident agent. Company formation in Malta is very straightforward process and the related costs and requirements are low.

Bill of sale with the closure of the previous registry or builder’s certificate in the name of the applicant are required.

The shipowner or the representative must prove seaworthiness with certifications of recognized organization.

Other requirements may include Ship Radio Station License application, latest Continuous Synopsis Record, Certificate of Survey and International Tonnage Certificate.

Malta flag registration certificate is renewed annually.
*Please note that the information may change so refer only to Transport Malta.
For more information, visit Transport Malta Ship Registration

Advantages of Malta Flag registration

Ship with Maltese Flag holds many fiscal benefits. Ship registration Malta is a simple process, as the registry proves by holding one of the largest fleets in its books. Yacht registration Malta follows the same footsteps indicated above. Malta yacht registration offers also a new registration class for commercial yachts gaining popularity among the super yacht category. As stated before, Malta company formation is easy and many local businesses can help with the setup. Malta company incorporation does not require Maltese board members or shareholders, making the company formation as convenient as possible.

Fees for registration vary depending on the size of the vessel. For example registration fee for yachts under 50 gross tonnage and under 24 meters is 115€ and renewal for the certificate annually 200€. For larger ships more tonnage accumulates more fees.

Malta registry of ships is one of the largest in the world and it demonstrates the simplicity and benefits of Maltese Flag. Also bareboat charters are compatible with most underlying registries. New option for super yachts is the commercial yacht category which provides great benefits for yacht owners.