What is offshore supply ship?

Chandler services in Malta

Malta ship chandlers do not rely only on onshore stores, but use extensively the platform supply vessels, which are specifically designed to service larger ships offshore. This category of boats are commonly abbreviated as PSV and can range up 80 meters in length and hold sizable deck cargo. PSV ship’s main functions include normal supply duties, but also include maintenance and construction duties. Most commonly PSV ships are deployed to service oil drilling platforms. For other duties, ship supplier’s fleet may include other special purpose vessels, such as anchor handling, towing and crew vessels with different capabilities. Multi-purpose support vessels combine different roles and can occasionally act also as a safety vessel.

How does chandler ships operate?

Maltese ship supply companies fit their fleet with cargo to replenish ships with general store but also spare parts for engines and hydraulics. Chandler’s crew includes engineers to provide repairs for mechanical equipment and electronic systems. Food items and other consumable goods are dispatched on short notice and may include provisions, such as meat and poultry. Provisions are delivered refrigerated or frozen to ensure fresh quality for all stock. Victualing in one of the main functions for chandler ships and used to stock up stores of passenger vessels.

Ship supplier may also have towing ships to ensure safe navigation in the harbors and provide other maritime services to accommodate large ships in the Valletta Waterfront and Marsaxlokk ports.

How does cruise ship supply water and other interesting questions

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Cruise ships use formidable amounts of water every day to run the spas, showers in every cabin, preparing food and beverages and other uses for astronomical water consumption. Cruise liners do not have to rely on ship supply, though. Cruise ships have a desalination equipment that can process thousands of liters of seawater daily to maintain a reserve of freshwater always available. Thus cruisers and other large ships can be totally self-sufficient in this regard. On the other hand, desalination process consumes fuel, so some ships use the equipment sparingly especially on routes where they have frequent stops in ports to fill in the reserves. When this happens, local ship supply company provide the fresh water with a line of water bowsers. One water tank truck can hold 10 000 liters of water. While the passengers can relax onshore, all kinds of ship supply activities and maintenance works are underway on-board. Taking into consideration all kinds of vessels, the most common spare parts and equipment for ship maintenance includes Valves, mooring accessories, engine spare parts, lift services, anchors, life rafts and other safety equipment and paints. Engineers need welding equipment and electrical equipment but also computers and smart devices to monitor and troubleshoot automated electrical systems.

What cabin stores mean?

Cabin stores mainly means every day items and tools including cutlery, tableware and kitchenware. For individual cabins the ship supply can provide clean bedding, and bathroom equipment such as towels, soaps and shampoos. Ship stationary may include all common items one can find from an on-shore market and thus requires the ship supplier to maintain a wide range of items in the warehouse.