Ship supplier Malta

Valletta Waterfront is a popular Cruise line destination and serves dozens cruise liners yearly from all over the world. The most popular names include Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises and others. Malta is also a busy port for Grimaldi Lines, which operate ferries with daily connection to Italy and Sicily. Supplying ships creates a great opportunity for Maltese ship chandlers, who work tirelessly to cater for cruise liners’ special requirements. The harbor sees yearly tens of thousands of passengers and this gives the ship supply companies exciting business opportunities. Many ship supplier operating in the area offer a multitude of services for every kind of vessels in the surrounding shipyard.

Ship Chandler

cruise ship supplyShip supplies are delivered by experienced teams with a fleet of modern vehicles. Customers can order specialty items such as BA charts, provisions, bonded store, deck and engine supplies. Cabin stores include ship supplies such as bedding and bathroom items, linen and towels. In Malta, ships can also use the facilities of waste service to clear dunnage or garbage removal. Catering requirements for big cruise liners necessitate cold storage facilities and fast supply lines for fresh items, such as poultry and fish. Clients can also stock up duty-free tobacco and liquor stores by the most popular brands as the ship suppliers have a comprehensive catalog to meet any needs. Ship suppliers contact persons are the principal connection to commence a relationship between crews and chandlers. Cruise liners can thus let the passengers on shore while professional ship suppliers work efficiently to service the cruise ship and fill up the provision. Cargo services and bonded store can be acquired by the stocked up warehouses in the immediate proximity of the waterfront.

Online Chandlery

Numerous Maltese chandlers provide their services via various means with their well established clients. Methods of communication for queries about ship supplies are most often by phone or email. Aforementioned methods are reliable and personal, but some clients would prefer to have a online chandlery for easy access to various ship supplies. For larger cargo on bonded store it will take more time to build the required automatic infrastructure. On the other hand marine supplies like cabin accessories, navigation aids, rigging and other small quantity items are preferably ordered from online chandlery. Malta ship suppliers have yet fulfilled this demand, but it is obviously only a question of time before flexible and automated online chandlery will serve all clients and customers. For the moment, best option for buyers and sellers is to use the global Shipserv platform and its TradeNet online service.

Ship chandler producers

Maltese gondolaFor commercial ships, the I.S.S.A. catalog is the best reference point for needed items. Ship supplier warehouses include over thousands of items and nautical equipment. One significant requirement for ship supply is fresh water, which is provided by water bowser or by barge. Malta has a large Oil refining industry and thus it can also act as a pump station for gas refilling. Deckhouse ship supply allows also interesting options for surplus inventory of all marine goods. Malta is also a popular global marketplace for sailboats and yachts.