If you are looking for the best service available on the Maltese Ports and surrounding waters, your choice is then Salvo Grima. This renowned Ship supplier in Malta has been operational for over 150 years in wide range of maritime services, specializing in Ship supplies, Logistics, Travel Retail, Yacht supplies and Cruise Liner supplies and many others.

Ship Chandlers’ History in Malta

Malta has been throughout its history a forefront for ship supply and boat chandlery. Being a island it was only reached by boat and the earliest testament of the prehistory are the stone temples that defy even the age of the pyramids. Later on, Malta was settled by the seafaring Phoenicians, an advanced culture developed in current Lebanon and deriving its semitic language and scientific sophistication from Akkadian forefathers and ultimately, the Sumerian culture. Phoenician and later Carthaginian influence left deep marks on the island by the active trading and communication routes in the ancient Mediterranean, bringing new influences and advancement on the island. Many say, that the local culture still holds elements from it’s earliest known civilization. With such a rich history that we only touched upon, Malta has always been an important link as

Ship chandler

the center of the sea and a place for ship supply and storage for many naval empires in the long centuries it has been weathering the waves and offering safe haven for ships in its many natural harbors.

Ship supplies Malta – today

Supplying ships has always been an important area of expertise for local Maltese companies. Trade has always flowed through and pass the two islands and many ships required special chandler service to replenish their stores for long voyages in a timely manner. This has allowed accumulation of knowledge and experience that is unrivaled in the Mediterranean Sea. Ship supply companies has excellent track record for their services, logistics and solutions to address all the needs from clients in merchant vessels or yacht servicing. During the 20th century one of the biggest clients were Royal Navy, scaling up the ship supply business to meet modern needs. Therefore Maltese ship chandlers are enjoying excellent reputation in European, North African, Near Eastern and in general in the World trade and shipping industry.

In Phoenician, it is widely believed that Melit meant a place of escape and the later Greek Melita gave it even a sweeter name, which meant honey.

Ship supplier in Malta

For having a better understanding of the local economy, Malta represents a dynamic atmosphere for shipping industry by over a dozen of large global ship supply companies with business relations reaching all corners of the Earth. Keeping up with the times, we are soon to see a online chandlery in Malta and automation of ship supply processes are constantly underway to reach full efficiency. Shipping supplies and all kinds of shipping products are kept in modern warehouses with strategic location to cut down service time and provide fastest delivery times in the ship supply industry. Maltese economy greatly benefits by the presence of international shipping and the ship supplies business, which creates employment and unique career choices. Ship chandler jobs are sought after and local work force is highly trained to meet need of the global marine chandlery.

Ship Chandlery, Maltese area of expertise

Birgu Marina Malta

As mentioned, chandlery in Malta has very long traditions and the vast experience on the matter has always be

en hailed as one of the best available. All crews and captains sailing tankers or yachts have enjoyed the warm sunny climate and generous upkeep, thus giving Malta a reputation of sweet refuge in the Mediterranean, singing the notes of the two most famous explanations for the Islands name: In Phoenician, it is widely believed that Melit meant a place of escape and the later Greek Melita gave it even a sweeter name, which meant honey. Malta have been home port of yachts and super yachts for decades, as the wealthy can appreciate the local friendly environment and repose. Thus Malta’s natural harbors are spotted with marinas, wharfs, piers and buoys to give mooring for countless sailing ships and yachts. Plenitude boats make also the yacht chandlery business thrive on the island and shipowners can easily find professional service for ship supply.